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Services Available

Reiki "Healing" Sessions

Reiki is effective for all ages! Experience the benefits of reiki healing of body, mind, spirit & emotions. Heather provides a safe, comfortable & relaxing environment as she treats with a gentle hands on approach. Lengths of sessions available are; 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min & 90min. Choose what length of healing best suits your needs and if you are unsure, feel free to ask Heather for her recommendation.   


Meditation "Relax" Sessions (private sessions)

Heather assists you in relaxing and healing by combining various techniques, such as; guided meditations, breathing techniques & visualizations.  Relax, calm, breathe.  Lengths of sessions available are; 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min &90min.   *Group Meditation class is also available* 


"Ultra Relax" Package (Meditation/Reiki Combination)

This is a combination of both reiki and meditation techniques that Heather uses during your session, to allow you to reach your optimal level of relaxation and healing.  Offered lengths of sessions are; 30min, 45min, 60min & 90min.  


FREE Mini 15min "Change Your Life" Session

Heather will explain how she can help you be happier and reach your goals. Looking to; reduce anxiety/depression, improve sleep, quit smoking, heal from grief & loss, improve chronic pain, enhance personal growth & development, or improve self-esteem & confidence? Heather CAN help you to "Change Your Life." What have you got to lose?! Book a FREE Mini session today to discuss how Heather can help. 


Wellness Coaching "Change Your Life" Program

A NEW Service Available! This is a Wellness Coaching program by Heather designed & catered uniquely for each individual to allow personal goals to be achieved.  Some of these goals might include getting help in the following areas; quitting smoking, addictions, anxiety/depression, chronic pain, grief & loss, sleeping problems, self-esteem/confidence, stress/tension, personal growth & development, etc.  This program is available in 30days, 60days & 90days.  With her skills, training, experience & knowledge in social work, wellness coaching, reiki & meditation Heather is taking on this challenge to help you. Heather CAN help you change your life! Book your FREE 15min Mini "Change Your Life" session today as a first step to helping yourself and one step closer to changing your life! 


Meditation Class

Currently these classes are held Mondays bi-weekly.  The cost is $20 per class or purchase a 3 class pass for $50 (Savings of $10).  The next classes are; Monday March 19th, April 16th, April 30th, May 14th, May 28th 2018. The classes take place at Pettigrew Spa from 6-8pm.  Call 705 745 0889 or message here if you have any questions.  Topics/practices include; meditation, guided meditations, visualizations, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, self-care & wellness. Come and experience how to achieve a calm mind & body.  


Sells Karooch Essential Oils and Healing Flower Essences

Karooch is a Canadian company that sources essential oils worldwide.  None of these products are diluted or manipulated.  Various Karooch Essential Oils are available in different sizes and prices. If interested, please contact me by messaging through this site.  

Flower Essences can help with healing.  These essences are ingested or put in water. The energy is extracted from various flowers and preserved in alcohol.  Some issues that these essences can help with; chakra blockages, transition (moving, change of jobs/relationships), depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, night terrors, and so much more! Struggling with an issue and not sure if the essences are for you? Send me a message and ask.  Heather can point you in the right direction.  Heather has used a variety of these essences and can make great recommendations to help you on your healing journey. 

*I accept e-transfer or cash in person for all orders* 

Pregnant Mama Reiki/Meditation

Give yourself a break! Put your feet up and allow Heather to pamper you and health you reach a state of deep relaxation that will be a benefit to both you & baby. Prenatal reiki sessions, one to one meditation sessions & the "Ultra Relax" Package are available in lengths of; 15min (not for ultra relax package), 30min, 45min, 60min, & 90min.  Reiki can help mama with a variety of things, such as; morning sickness, mood changes, tiredness, low back pain, stress, etc.  Both mama & baby will benefit from reiki, meditation and/or a combination of both.  "What's good for mama is also good for baby." 


Infant Reiki

Babies are very receptive to energy work.  Reiki can help babies with; easing teething pain, sleeping (longer & more restful), soothing babies with colic & also with helping recovery from a cold.  The parent/guardian is present for the session while Heather uses a gentle hands on approach to help baby with healing body, mind, spirit & emotion.  

$5.00 off

Parent & Baby Reiki

Reiki helps with healing body, mind, spirit & emotion for both parent & baby. Reiki can help to increase the connection and bond between them. Both can benefit by experiencing, deep relaxation, improved sleep, less stress, etc.  Babies respond well to energy work.  


Kids Reiki/Meditation

Kids are up to age 14 years old.  Reiki can help with self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, depression, sleeping issues, trauma (bullying, etc), grief & loss, stress, tension, physical pains, & much more!  With continued treatments, enhanced growth & improvements are experienced.  Heather applies a gentle hands on technique to help in healing of body, mind, spirit & emotions.  Services available are; one to one meditation, reiki and/or the "Ultra Relax" Package (reiki/meditation combined).  Meditation is a skill that is very helpful in health and wellness. Heather uses techniques such as; guided meditations, deep breathing, & visualizations to optimize relaxation.  A parent/guardian is encouraged to be present for the session (especially with a younger child).  

$5.00 off

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